Dr. Brian K Kniff, DDS
Welcome to Tubac Dental!

We welcome you to our dental office where EXCEPTIONAL DENTISTRY is delivered "WITH PERSONALIZED COMFORT AND CARE". Teaming with our dental guests, our goal through comprehensive education, evaluation, and care is to provide EXCELLENCE in every aspect of dentistry, resulting in SMILES THAT CHANGE LIVES!

Dr. Brian Kniff is a graduate of the University of California, San Francisco with honors in Endodontic Studies (Root Canals) and Removable Prosthetics (Dentures). He founded Dental Village in 1978, a multi-dental office practice, employing nine dentists in Tucson, Arizona. Having vacationed in the Tubac vicinity for many years, Dr. Kniff was once again drawn to this charming art community. Using Tubac with its charismatic backdrop, he established Tubac Dental in July of 2006. It is interesting to note that Dr. Kniff while obtaining his undergraduate degree at UCLA, played basketball for the renowned coach, John Wooden. The autographed and most famous "The Pyramid of Success" can be observed on our office wall with the heart warming message, "you will always be one of my boys". Dr. Kniff continues to put these principles into practice every day. He remained in communication with Coach Wooden until his passing, in June of 2010.



Our Office Reception
Exeptional Dentistry with Personalized Comfort and Care

Dr. Kniff's forte is Cosmetic Dentistry and is pleased to share his wealth of experience, advanced studies, and continuing education with the adult population. Most recently, Dr. Kniff is continuing to study the science of Neuromuscular Dentistry (NMD). NMD is the art and science of "getting the bite right". This simply means to evaluate the bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles that are involved in the chewing process. Obviously this is a very important concern to determine how effective the chewing mechanism is working. One can begin to suspect a problem in this area when teeth are wearing, grinding and breaking down, chronic sore muscles in the head, neck and shoulders, jaw joint discomfort, ongoing headaches, etc.

Our office has been described often times as a "feel good space" by our dental family members. Dr. Kniff's positive persona is the aura surrounding our office and is felt by all as he enters the office each morning exclaiming, "It's another day in paradise"!

We take pride in our lovely reception area where our guests are treated to coffee, tea, or bottled water. Enjoy a gentle back massage while conversing with Lanna, our Office Manager, and view the attractive art work that graces our office walls.

Complimentary Consultations are available with the doctor by appointment. He encourages you to ask questions and takes great time in educating as he practices his art.


Your Kniff Dental Team!
Our Dental Guests Comfort and Protection

Your comfort is one of our greatest concerns. We have something to meet everyones needs and during your initial consultation please feel free to share any apprehensions you may have. Dr. Kniff can advise you with options pertaining to anesthesia and medications that can be prescribed for relaxation the night before and during the procedure.

Your safety is our highest priority. Throughout the day, we perform numerous sterilization procedures following the latest ADA infection control and recommended protocols. Team members use masks, safety glasses and the most advanced sterilization and universal precautions available for each patient. Additionally we use distilled water in all of our dental units.

We offer soothing music of your choice to listen and relax during all procedures. Many guests appreciate the neck pillow for added comfort. After completing your procedure, Rhonda, our Certified Dental Assistant will provide you with a warm, aromatic hand towel to freshen up and revitalize your "chi" energy!